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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rave Reviews for Artisanal Spice!

Early reviews are in at my new Etsy store, and here's what my first customer shared with the world:

Asian Spice Rub - Zesty Minty Blend: in a word........... WOW I love it so refreshing yet different. We used it on center cut chops and grilled them and let me tell you ... we did not have leftovers! great spice from a great seller!

Chocolate Chipotle Coffee Rub: OMG this is my new secret go to for company it makes such a great crust on the meat that is to die for!!!! Such a great mix and blend !

17 Spice Moroccan Blend : this is amazing on flank steak and grilled onions for that perfect hit of heat but not so hot that your taste buds melt. A great mix from a great seller! i highly recommend this shop to everyone !

Porcini Sea Salt Umami Seasoning Blend: I will never eat my risotto without it again. It adds such a great depth of flavor that i never even knew i was missing! Got great reviews at the work luncheon! Thank you so much for being so helpful and your recipies are great too! a joy to work with!

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