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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meet Andria: Self Representing Artist, Blogger

A random selection of my fiber creations, sold on Etsy

I'll just give you the facts, and let you draw your own conclusions:

Day jobs I've had, starting with the college years:
Bank Teller (how funny, since I can only count to 9. Double digits scare me.)
Architectural Assistant (this was really a glorified gopher/secretary person)
Interior Designer (putting my education to work)
Textile Manufacturer (my signature handwoven upholstery line -- finally doing what I adored)
Burned-out Textile Mfg.: Scaled down, went back to my studio & online with KatsaraYarns
And now, Self-Representing Artisan: designer/weaver/knitter/cook/jewelry maker/spice blender/silk painter who sells online and in a local gallery

Extra-curricular favorite things to do:
Travel (don't do enough)
Strolling through a good museum with Mom
Talking politics with Dad
Entertain friends
Read a great historical novel
Read a great cookbook
Daydream with kitty on lap
Eat good food with good friends
Drink good coffee anytime
Drink good wine with hubby and stare at the stars
Visit a winery
Hang out with sister, brother and their mates


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