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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Minty Asian Spice Rub

Sea salt blended with mint and selected spices is divine rubbed on pork, flank steak, and chicken dishes. This packs just the right amount of red-peppery heat, without overpowering the other flavors of the dish. Available at ArtisanalSpice.

IMPACT: Adds delicate salt and subtly contrasting flavors of Asian cuisine. Transforming as a rub, not bold or overpowering.

Simple Recipe Suggestion: Wonderful as rub for grilled meats. For lamb, pork tenderloin, flank steak or boneless chicken breasts, simply rub a little olive oil all over the surface, then sprinkle generously with Zesty Minty Asian Spice Rub. Grill over medium-hot coals.

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